Alimentation, the department store for fancy goods

 Alimentation sells you the stuff you don’t really need without crowds, or surly till-minders, and you don’t have to hold the doors open for anybody.

Click on a link and the lift will take you to the correct floor. If the lift is out of order: use the stairs.

Write to us, we aim to please, fools suffered gladly, haggling encouraged and then dismissed.

Alimentation (not to be confused with Amazon) is based in a shed in Suffolk in the far eastern reaches of England far from any post office but close to a pub. These two matters may mean that deliveries take a little longer than our nearest rivals.

This visit must be costing you a fortune, so please ensure you visit our customer information page to ensure no more time is wasted and your purchase is satisfactory. (We assure you that there are no FAQs on this page)