A Sprig Of Yarrow


by Jim Ghedi

Worlds ancient and modern collide in this collection of poems & songs. Both personal and political, and shot through with a sense of loss and class war anger, Ghedi guides us down rural pathways and through dark bogs in a debut teeming with life. Jim Ghedi flits between Sheffield and Ireland, and has released at least three albums to his name.



Pint-size: 135 x 100mm

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Words change with their setting. To deny this is to deny the changing tastes of the same apple when scrumped, sliced, peeled or eaten straight from the tree.

Words depend on their delivery, their format.

Words can be concentrated.

Words can be loose.

Ration Books is born out of a love of routine and simplicity. Conceiving an idea and acting upon it all in good time. Good reading should be rationed. The reason for reading is rational. Ration Books produce small books to be read in short sittings. They feature fiction and poetry and other ideas. They fit in haversack pockets. The books are available to buy online only in short print runs. They will not be numbered or signed by the author. They are affordable, disposable, swappable, collectable, and always readable. They contain words written in a manner that requires concentration and dedication.  The words will never appear on screen.

Pass it on.

Each book measures 135 x 100mm, with approximately 40 one-colour pages in each which may take two cups of tea to read or one mug. They are designed to instay their welcome