White Male Gaze


By Tenzing Scott Brown

WHITE MALE GAZE was printed in an edition of 400 copies, some of which were put on sale at the recent Bill Drummond World Tour event 2021 in Great Yarmouth, England. The balance are on sale here to all comers, when they’re all gone they are gone.

The book follows the usual Penkiln Burn A5-ish format, black and white, 84 pages long.

The play is in three acts and most of you will know who Tenzing Scott Brown actually is.

Please allow plenty of time for delivery especially purchasers from outside the Isle Of Origin.

PLEASE NOTE: despatch of this item may take 14 days from acceptance of order.




WHITE MALE GAZE is a play by Tenzing Scott Brown

WHITE MALE GAZE is a play about:

Great Yarmouth;

Bill Drummond’s uncle being eaten by cannibals;

The idea that Greta Thunberg being assassinated before she turns 20 doing more to save the Amazon Rainforests than…

WHITE MALE GAZE is a play containing the words:

Great Yarmouth is a seaside resort on the east coast of England.

Great Yarmouth has seen better days.

Great Yarmouth will see better days.

Great Yarmouth is great.

And the words:

An attractive white woman gets raped and killed by a policeman in south London and it is national news for days, with candle vigils and protests and profile stories. But in the same city at the same time we allow a system to exist where black boys are relentlessly killing each other – with no national news for days, candle vigils, protests and profile stories.

A teenage black boy is over a hundred times more likely to be murdered on the streets of London after dark than a white woman. But the story of the white women’s murder sells, while only the mother of the black boy grieves.

There is millions to be made out of white men killing attractive white women. There is nothing to be made out of young black men killing each other.

We see what we want to see.

We see what the white male gaze can make profit from us seeing.

The stains of White Male Gaze, are almost everywhere I look as I travel through this ‘multi cultural’ capital of ours. It seeps out of the gutters and onto almost all contemporary advertising with its use of models of colour that are to the liking of our White Male Gaze.